Sangachadwam has been established by senior leaders from the technology industry, who have successfully led teams around the globe and founded companies in India and abroad.

Our Vision
In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, Sangachadwam aims to ensure that no adult, impaired by financial means but who has the willingness to learn in this particular field, shall go without being given the opportunity to do so. By providing this opportunity, we work towards creating employment for the thousands of impoverished people who pass through our portals, enabling them to lead a life of self-reliance, independence and dignity.

Our mission
As a professionally led, not-for-profit organization Sangachadwam aims to:

Equip disadvantaged and financially challenged people with the requisite learning in the field of data analytics, provide them with employment opportunities with associated firms and otherwise, create a network of volunteers and communities who can help provide learning and support. offer information and support in their professional journey.

What we do
Sangachadwam is primarily a learning centre, that was set up by learned professionals who dropped out of the corporate rat race to give back to society, in the true sense of the word. We, at Sangachadwam, prefer to call our enterprise a learning centre, not a training centre. Because we believe that the student knows what he/she is best suited for, and we teach that subject (amongst those offered), free of cost.

Once the students have finished their course, we help them with job placements either inhouse or in other companies. We offer support, information related to the pertinent industry and professional advice for them to make their way into the world.

How we do it
Our learning center, since the year it was started, has seen a few hundreds of students who have successfully put their learning into practice in their chosen fields. We are happy and proud to say that many of them have returned to the learning centre as mentors, thus completing the circle that we started.

It is this circle that we wish to expand. In order to positively affect as many lives as possible, Sangachadwam needs to reach out to people on a much larger scale. This requires a two-pronged approach – via donations and mentors.

Donations are welcome as, even though our teachers work as volunteers, there are expenses that must be met to keep the organization running.